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Category: Poetry


I’m glad that you’re out there.

It feels reassuring.

I didn’t make it all up,

After all.

If you came closer again,

I wouldn’t know what to do.

Maybe I’d like to write you

Another story. 



You’re everywhere

All the time

Sourrounding me.

I see your name

Hear your voice

Feel your embrace.

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Or so it seemed.

Happily –

But nor for real.


Only for me.

Cold Air

Whenever I’m alone

I try to hide away.

Find some distraction

Or cover my eyes.

But that doesn’t help.

There is a window

That doesn’t close.

I shut the curtains

But air slips in through the gaps.

Just like you.

Always coming back to haunt me

No matter what I do.

The air is too cold for comfort

And my hands start to shiver.

Please, don’t come in here no more.

Hole Inside

The days pass me by

Quite rapidly,


I am alive.

Sometimes happy

Others gloomy.

My tears are dry,

My heart stopped hurting,

I can smile.

Only now and then

I feel a little hole


A part of me is missing

And I know exactly

Where it is.

I lost it once

When I was careless

And couldn’t ask it back.

I left it in a hurry,

And now it is too late.

Even if I found it once again

It wouldn’t fit.

I have a hole now

But I wouldn’t change it back.