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A Little Bit of Zen


Believe in yourself, always. Listen to your heart, then you’ll find your way.


Positive Intentions



Here’s a list I made recently of the things I still want to do in my life (or say, the not-so-far future!). Read the rest of this entry »

While napping today, I thought of this image, that life is like reading a book. You try to understand the plot and the characters involved, you like some parts better than others, and just when it seems like you got your happy ending, you find yourself at a time of crisis. The thing is that you have to keep on reading until there are no pages left. Don’t get caught up with characters who disappear without warning or chapters that end sooner than you wanted them to. Because eventually, when you’re finished reading, you’ll realise that you had a great time overall and that everything made perfect sense as a part of your story.

Finally good news – it’s ok!

Just getting some positive vibes out there… whatever it is, it’ll be ok! :))


For me, travelling is one of the best ways to learn new things about yourself and the world as well as grow as a person from all the experiences you made while being on the road. You can buy a fancy car, the newest iPhone or whatever people might covet nowadays, but saving for a trip to a place that you haven’t seen yet may endow you with something that is the most precious thing a person can own: their memories. They are unique, and they make you who you are. Chose them wisely, who knows where it will take you one day 🙂