musings on life and dreams and everything in between

Month: March, 2014

While napping today, I thought of this image, that life is like reading a book. You try to understand the plot and the characters involved, you like some parts better than others, and just when it seems like you got your happy ending, you find yourself at a time of crisis. The thing is that you have to keep on reading until there are no pages left. Don’t get caught up with¬†characters who disappear without warning or chapters that end sooner than you wanted them to. Because eventually, when you’re finished reading, you’ll realise that you had a great time overall and that everything made perfect sense as a part of your story.


Everything at Once

I’m feeling very restless at the moment.

I want everything at the same time, but am unable to focus.

I want to travel the world, see as many countries as possible, go to Central America, to Cuba, faraway.

I want to be in a peaceful retreat, just focusing on my inner workings. Just sit with myself and learn to understand. Read the rest of this entry »

Little Wisdom

“What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.”

A few wise words from Brené Brown.

Beauty is hard to define, but I believe it comes from within. Our wounds and our scars are what make us unique and shining; they set us apart but they also connect us on a deeper level.

Cold Air

Whenever I’m alone

I try to hide away.

Find some distraction

Or cover my eyes.

But that doesn’t help.

There is a window

That doesn’t close.

I shut the curtains

But air slips in through the gaps.

Just like you.

Always coming back to haunt me

No matter what I do.

The air is too cold for comfort

And my hands start to shiver.

Please, don’t come in here no more.