by Sadie

I taste life

And it surprises me,


I feel so sad

And strange,

As if I wasn’t even here.

Where did time go?

It runs so fast

And I can’t seem to catch it.

It’s all slipping

Through my fingers

Like splashes of water.

Where do I turn to

Now that the happy times

Are gone?

The memories are so bitter-sweet.

Whatever used to be,

Will never come again.


I wrote this poem a few months ago but I can still relate a lot to what I’ve been feeling at the time. It’s something you experience in a sort of ‘transition phase’ in your life, where you want to hold on to what was, even if you know that it’s gone. 

Anyways, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time and are excited for the new year to come (because I am!). 🙂