Music in my Head

by Sadie

Have you ever thought of creative ways of distracting yourself from thinking about someone that you just don’t want to think about – under any circumstances? For whatever reason that may be.

I’ve only recently found a way that actually seems to help (not like everything else I’ve tried before). Whenever that person – which should not be named right now – pops into my head again out of nowhere and my mind attempts to linger right there, I hit an imaginary replay button in my head. I remember the lyrics of certain songs that bring me back to reality.

A good example of this is ‘Kill the director’ by The Wombats. At one point, the lyrics go something like this:

‘If this is a rom-com, kill the director! Please! …

This is no Bridget Jones!…’

I actually have to chuckle a bit when I sing along because it starts to feel ridiculous that I even had these thoughts in the first place. Another great song in a situation like this is ‘Shake it out’ by Florence and the Machine. In this song she sings:

‘It’s hard to dance with a devil on your back, so shake him off…

It’s always darkest before the dawn.’

It’s great how music always seems to express what you’re going through at the moment (if you really listen). There is a song for every emotion you’re experiencing, and that’s a good thing to remember. That we’re not alone in any of this, someone else has been there before and came out alive in the end.

Here’s my little list of therapeutic songs of the day (that I’ll keep adding to for sure!):

The Wombats – Kill the director

The Wombats – Tokyo (basically all of their songs at the moment!)

Florence and the Machine – Shake it out

Florence and the Machine – Dog days are over

Frou Frou – Let go

Amy Winehouse – Tears dry on their own