Questions and Answers

by Sadie

Is it true that you start loving someone more when they’re gone? And why is it that some people are meant to stay in your heart but not in your life?

It is quite complicated and maybe I’ll never understand it completely, but what I know is that there is a reason for certain things happening to us. It might not be obvious at first but if we dare to look closely and if we really want to find out, something inside of us changes.

It’s kind of bizarre, isn’t it? Life is so dynamic and ever-changing, it’s hard NOT to lose your mind about it sometimes.

I wish I had an easy answer to all the struggles we have to face, but I guess it’s true that the only way out is through. If you really venture to face the obstaceles in your life, move through the most paralysing of pains and dare to challenge your deepest fears, maybe then you begin to understand that life doesn’t always give you answers, but instead it keeps on asking questions.

Why is it that you want something, but are actually doing something completely different? Do you listen to your heart or your mind? How can some people master the most difficult challenges while others just give up when it gets tough? Am I among the former or the latter?

I’m still trying to find my path in life but I’m now beginning to see that things that made me suffer in the past actually brought me forward and made me pay closer attention to what I want from life. I mean what I REALLY want.

If we want to get closer to where we want to be, we cannot hold on to things, people or situations that don’t serve us any more. Maybe all that is meant to stay with us are the memories because they define the story of our lives.

So whether you decide to hold on or let go, whether you make up your mind about going away or sticking to what you know, it is all in your own hands. Use them to create the reality that you want to live, chose wisely who you let in but love generously if you can, for we only have this one life.

People come and people go, it’s you who remains and your love accompanies you along the way. Even if you can’t see it. Only you know what is best for you, so embrace the ups and downs of life and understand the lessons that present themselves at the same time.

Don’t ask for answers that no one else can give you but yourself.