My Regrets

by Sadie

I regret that I haven’t always been open and honest to the people I love.

I regret that I hurt some people who loved me but that I couldn’t love back in the same way.

I regret that I haven’t tried harder with the person that I fell in love with but instead ran away because I was scared of being hurt.

I regret that I gave up so early.

I regret that I might have hurt him with my actions.

I regret the ways in which things ended.

I regret that we didn’t talk enough. We didn’t really think this through.

I regret that I didn’t think about the effects of my decisions.

I regret that we didn’t give each other real and genuine closure.

I regret that I didn’t work on myself earlier or realised the patterns I was following unconsciously. Otherwise it might have been different between us and I would have been more confident in handling the situation.

I regret that I didn’t take better care of my feelings and fell so helplessly for him without getting to know each other first.

I regret that I forgot my own needs and didn’t love myself truly.

I regret that I lost him and I regret that I make myself and him responsible for the outcomes of our failures. Even if it’s human to fail at times. We couldn’t change the course of events, it was not in our power.

I forgive myself for not giving the best I could have, but instead I accept my mistakes and try to move forward with the knowledge that the way it turned out is for the best.

I forgive myself and I will treat myself with love and compassion from now on.

I will leave past things in the past, where they belong, and pay attention to the present moment.

Is there anything that you regret? How do you deal with this?