The Person I Want to Be

by Sadie

I found this exercise on a website and maybe it’ll be helpful to motivate myself. So, here it goes:

The person I want to be in the next three months:

  • is over that guy who broke her heart by breaking his promises

  • writes about all of her feelings regularly

  • writes poetry and started working on her first novel

  • contributes her writing ideas professionally

  • does Yoga and Pilates regularly

  • started dancing again

  • smiles a lot and is happy (most of the time)

  • got used to living in a new city

  • has found new friends that love and support her

  • is more clear about her future plans

  • loves herself

  • is open to accept and love others

  • knows how to knit

  • is motivated to finish her studies

  • has learned some important lessons

  • listens to her intuition

  • tries out new things on a regular basis

  • doesn’t have trouble sleeping

  • eats a lot of healthy food

  • is an optimist 

What would your list look like? 🙂