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Month: September, 2013

“Certain things…

“Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart.”

A while back, I’ve started writing down quotes that I thought were inspiring, motivating or just resonating with the situation I was in or the feelings I had at the time. I’m re-reading my collection of quotes regularly and whenever I come across another quote that I like I write it down immediately. This one, for example, is an American Indian proverb and it always reminds me of staying true to who I am.


Questions and Answers

Is it true that you start loving someone more when they’re gone? And why is it that some people are meant to stay in your heart but not in your life?

It is quite complicated and maybe I’ll never understand it completely, but what I know is that there is a reason for certain things happening to us. It might not be obvious at first but if we dare to look closely and if we really want to find out, something inside of us changes.

It’s kind of bizarre, isn’t it? Life is so dynamic and ever-changing, it’s hard NOT to lose your mind about it sometimes.

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My Regrets

I regret that I haven’t always been open and honest to the people I love.

I regret that I hurt some people who loved me but that I couldn’t love back in the same way.

I regret that I haven’t tried harder with the person that I fell in love with but instead ran away because I was scared of being hurt.

I regret that I gave up so early.

I regret that I might have hurt him with my actions.

I regret the ways in which things ended.

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For me, travelling is one of the best ways to learn new things about yourself and the world as well as grow as a person from all the experiences you made while being on the road. You can buy a fancy car, the newest iPhone or whatever people might covet nowadays, but saving for a trip to a place that you haven’t seen yet may endow you with something that is the most precious thing a person can own: their memories. They are unique, and they make you who you are. Chose them wisely, who knows where it will take you one day 🙂


 This journal entry was written early last month, while I was still living in Istanbul. Whenever I read it I feel happy and content with the steps I’ve taken in order to come to terms with the things that happened to me during the last year. It always puts a smile on my face…

Yesterday night I went to a great concert by the band The XX, and I felt completely exhilarated and so happy. It was an amazing feeling! I smiled for hours on end afterwards. I’m not really sure how it happened or why at this time, but I want to embrace it and nurture the happiness that I felt last night. I can’t remember when was the last time I felt so genuinely happy. I will take this as a positive sign. I’ve made such huge steps in the past months that I can be proud of.

There are some occasional setbacks of course, moments of melancholy and sweet sadness, but I will learn to embrace that too. It’s like a giant weight has been taken off my shoulders and now I am free to do whatever I want and love. Maybe this concert was just a trigger of the happiness that has been slowly growing inside of me and now I can finally enjoy it.

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