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Month: August, 2013


I love reading inspiring quotes, like this one from the Buddha himself. What are some of your favourite quotes? 🙂



Today I felt a sudden urge to start writing something. I wasn’t quite sure what or for what purpose, but I just felt like it was necessary.

While browsing through a list of Master’s degrees in Scotland, a Creative Writing programme caught my eye. I’ve wanted to take a class in creative writing for a while already, early on since I started studying in university. But somehow there was always something that got in the way. A lack of time, motivation or interest at that specific moment. But this time should be different, I thought. This time I will do it for myself.

The past year has been extremely important and basically life-changing for me.

I decided to go on an exchange programme to Istanbul in Turkey. When I first thought about the places I would like to go to and the things I wanted to do during my time abroad, I would never have expected any of the things to happen that actually happened to me here.

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Great Quote

“Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt, and dance like no one is watching.”~ Satchel Paige